Studentship-Donation – 2021

‘Hanthana Night’, our fundraiser dinner-dance that was held on the 19 June 2021 was a huge success. More than four hundred and fifty people who attended this event have informed us that they had a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

As a result of the outcome of this fundraiser, we now have a healthy bank balance. In November 2021, we have transferred Rs 1,025,000 to Alumni Association of University of Peradeniya (AAUP).

This money has been used to establish one studentship at each of the following seven (7) faculties: Agriculture, Arts, Engineering, Dental, Medicine, Science, and Veterinary Medicine. The studentship (at the rate of Rs 36,000 per year, per student) would be paid during the entire stipulated period of studies and depending on the course of the study, that would either be four or five years.

The seven undergraduates for the studentships were selected by the Student Welfare Committee of the faculty of each student. The studentships are awarded to students who are either from low-income families, or who have experienced personal tragedies such as the death of the breadwinner of the household.

As many of you are aware, since 2002 we have been providing financial support for a wide range of projects at our alma mater. However, this (Rs 1,025,000) is the biggest amount that we have donated in a single year. All of us can be happy that we have made a positive contribution to the quality of teaching as well as the lives of the needy undergraduates of our university.